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Adobe has announced a partnership with Bolt for creating one-click checkout solutions for people using the firm’s software.

Adobe was once only known as an imaging software developer. However, it has recently created many e-commerce and digital marketing tools. In addition, Adobe now targets retailers and offers them holistic online retail solutions.

With this recent feature, Adobe aims to compete against Amazon and Shopify. The one-click checkout will allow Adobe’s customers to enjoy the benefits of a smooth payment process. Moreover, the proposed service seems to match the Shop Pay technology from Shopify, placing Adobe’s marketing and retail software users on the same level.

Bolt’s one-click feature

Adobe will offer its customers the one-click e-commerce feature, which they can implement during checkout. Bolt already has a strong record of nearly ten million online buyers. Therefore, Bolt’s tool will fill in the payment details of a returning shopper, making the checkout a breeze. Remember, this detail filling step causes many people to abandon their carts.

The chief business of Bolt is Bob Buch. He said to Reuters, “We see a 60% higher conversion rate when we’re able to pre-populate all of that information.”

Adobe and Bolt are ironing out the financial aspects of this technological partnership. However, in the current model, Bolt charges a fee whenever it helps a store with a successful purchase through the one-click feature.

This feature coincides with Adobe’s recent announcement of commencing payment processing for merchants that use its software. However, Justin Merickel, Adobe’s vice president of business development, informed that Adobe users wouldn’t face any problems. In addition, merchants will be able to use Bolt’s tools, too.

Adobe’s partnerships

Adobe has been creating many strong partnerships. Jordan Jewell, a research director, said that the company is carrying out many deals. For example, Adobe made a deal with FedEx to reduce shipping complexity. Together, they aim to compete with Amazon that had a patented one-click checkout system since 2017.

Jewell argued, “For Adobe, it’s about emulating what Amazon is doing and what Shopify is doing as well.”

“For Adobe, it’s about emulating what Amazon is doing and what Shopify is doing as well,” Jewell said.