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Mirantis launches DevOpsCare. The solution promises to eliminate infrastructure concerns for DevOps teams developing, deploying and managing Kubernetes environments.

At the heart of DevOpsCare is Lens, a widely used tool for managing and monitoring Kubernetes clusters, without the highly technical Kubernetes knowledge traditionally required for doing so. Mirantis expanded upon Lens. The organization specializes in solutions for deploying code across diverse infrastructures. That’s exactly what DevOpsCare is about. Whereas Lens simplifies the management of clusters and containers, DevOpsCare simplifies their deployment.

In practice

Ultimately, DevOpsCare aims to remove infrastructure considerations during and after the development of containerized applications and clusters. An organization should be able to choose where it wants to deploy a cluster, regardless of how the cluster is built, and which conditions apply to the intended location.

The latter is relatively easy to achieve on a small scale, even without Mirantis’ promised solution. If an organization’s infrastructure remains the same, a cluster’s configuration and deployment are done with relative ease. DevOpsCare becomes interesting from the moment an infrastructure expands or changes. Clusters need to be transformed to match infrastructure change. That responsibility often falls to DevOps teams. DevOpsCare accelerates the process where possible, creating room for other duties.

DevOpsCare is available on a subscription basis immediately.