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According to mspoweruser.com, Microsoft SharePoint is finally getting a built-in Microsoft Editor. At this time, a browser extension is required to use Editor. The integration, which should be launched soon, allows Editor to be used in SharePoint as well.

Currently, Editor functions as a browser extension for grammar and spell checking. According to mspoweruser.com, Editor will shortly be integrated into Microsoft SharePoint.

Checking texts directly

The integration of Microsoft Editor in SharePoint Pages and News should allow users to directly use the spelling and grammar checker and check written texts.

Furthermore, mspoweruser.com reports that Editor’s integration in SharePoint introduces monochrome colours for underlining suggested corrections to increase the visibility of text.

While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the news yet, imagery shared by mspoweruser.com (as seen above) strengthens the validity of its report. The new functionality is said to be available soon. A final release should take place in mid-January 2022.

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