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Windows 11 update has users regretting their decision to upgrade from Windows 10 due to the performance issue.

The windows 11 update was thought to be a massive upgrade from windows 10, but that wasn’t exactly the case.

People have complained about their systems underperforming ever since the new update. Users are showing concerns over the slow write speeds on the NVMe SSDs. This problem came to light around three months ago on Reddit and is yet to be addressed.

The Problem with Windows 11

A Reddit user ran a test to judge the write speed of both Windows 10 and 11. The test was run on a 4K 64 thread and measured the ability to write parallel 64 4K files.

Turns out that Window 10 provided a write speed of 1,600MB/s, compared to the embarrassing 91MB/s on Windows 11.

This soon sent the community in a flurry, and more users started reporting issues such as the primary drive having 60% less performance.

How did Microsoft respond

People have been looking for solutions on their own. Some suggest that disabling the VBS can help solve the problem, while others recommend upgrading to the EVO firmware. However, there is no concrete resolution.

Microsoft released a preview update on 22nd November to address the performance issues with NVMe, SSD, and hard disks on Windows 11. They have identified that the problem persisted due to the enabled NTFS USN journal. This preview update has been launched and will be available to everyone.

The backlash was a significant setback for Microsoft, but with quick identification and rectification, the company was able to dodge the bullet with its new update. Let’s wait and see if the preview update solves this issue for everyone.