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Visma acquires pension planner ActuIT

Visma acquires pension planner ActuIT

Visma is acquiring pension communication specialist ActuIT. The SaaS provider intends to expand its Visma Idella portfolio of financial software with tools for pension information.

The acquisition of ActuIT provides Visma with new capabilities for actuarial components and pension planning. These services will be added to the Visma Idella ecosystem of financial SaaS solutions.

Visma Idella provides solutions for pension, investment and payment services. Through the acquisition of ActuIT, financial institutions gain access to an actuarial calculation tool for real-time scenario analyses and projections.

The acquisition also results in a new financial planning tool, which gives customers of financial institutions complete insight into their financial household. ActuIT is market leader in custom pension planning systems. A valuable acquisition, as the flexible technology is able to match the ever-changing national pension policies found throughout Europe.

New functionality for pensions

Visma acquires all ActuIT activities and staff, including its current management. In the course of this year, ActuIT will be fully integrated into Visma Idella.