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Visma acquires P8 Software to strengthen government portfolio

Visma acquires P8 Software to strengthen government portfolio

Visma wants to expand in the public sector with the acquisition of P8 Software.

P8 Software focuses on government institutions and other public organizations. With the acquisition of the cloud solutions provider, Visma aims to strengthen its market position in the public sector. The organization intends to focus on public space design and quality.


P8 Software is based in the Netherlands and serves provinces, municipalities, water providers, grid managers and environmental organizations. The software provider offers services in the areas of transaction management, relationship management, procurement, sales and contracts for plots of land or objects.

The software provider sees the acquisition by Visma as an opportunity for further growth amid increasingly complex laws and regulations concerning integrations with public systems and ground leases in larger municipalities. In addition, P8 Software considers the acquisition beneficial for its existing customers and sectors.

The acquisition should allow P8 Software to further develop its API-first approach, professionalize and attract more staff. The software provider will continue to operate under its own name.


Visma is pleased with the acquisition. “As Visma, we want to simplify complex processes through automation”, Benelux area director John Reynders said. “The legislation surrounding public space is increasingly complex and obligations are increasing. P8 Software offers a great platform to simplify compliance.”

Visma has long been active in the public sector through subsidiaries like iAsset, Genetics, Nazca Solutions, Visma Circle and Visma Roxit. Visma provides standardized cloud solutions that help governments and supply chain partners design and manage public space.

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