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Visma acquires education software vendor Datapass

Visma acquires education software vendor Datapass

Visma acquired Datapass to expand its activities in education. Datapass provides planning, control and monitoring software to educational organizations in the Netherlands.

No financial details were disclosed. With the acquisition, Visma gains a software vendor with customers in primary, secondary and tertiary education. Its cloud-based planning, control and monitoring solutions help school boards prepare budgets, create staff plannings, process student forecasts and report efficiently.

Datapass’ solutions integrate with existing financial software and HR software as well as educational applications and systems from major public organizations in the Netherlands.

Growth opportunities for Datapass

Datapass wants to grow through the acquisition. The company sees expansion opportunities in partnerships, childcare and tertiary education.

In addition, the software vendor wants to help Excel-based organizations transition their administration to less error-prone methods. Furthermore, Datapass hopes to benefit from the business management, marketing and sales capacity made available by Visma.

Educational expansion

For Visma, the acquisition promises to help expand activities in the education sector. The software vendor gets to offer new solutions and integrations with education systems.

The team of Datapass will continue to operate under their own name within the Visma Group. The software vendor will collaborate with the Visma components that form the Visma Connected Experience for education, a program that provides educational organizations with well-secured, integrated cloud solutions for future-proof education and logistics.

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