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The IT services group kicks off the new year by “accelerating its Microsoft Cloud Activities” through acquisiitons

Devoteam announced this week that it is integrating over 200 additional Microsoft experts with the acquisitions of Alfun in France and Necsia in Spain.

With additional 142 and 78 experts coming from Necsia and Alfun respectively, Devoteam reaches a significant number of talent : + 1000 Microsoft experts, 1700 certifications and 5 advanced  Specialisation. It will boost its Microsoft Cloud capabilities to help their clients accelerate their digital transformations. Alfun reinforces Devoteam competencies on managed services and Necsia on Microsoft cloud solutions and presence in Catalonia.

Strengthening their position in Southern Europe

To deepen its position on the French market, Devoteam acquired Alfun, a French specialist in Microsoft Cloud solutions. Alfun provide a broad range of services including Cloud migration, modern workplace, infrastructure and managed services.

Alfun enhances their client’s digital transformation with a tailor-made and continuous Cloud support, the company said. Founded in 2012, Alfun specialises in supporting SMEs and mid-cap companies. The company was built around the Microsoft ecosystem and its expertise in integrating Azure, Microsoft 365 and Power BI solutions.

In the southern part of Europe, Devoteam purchased Nescia, a Spanish consulting firm specialising in Microsoft solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Necsia delivers services covering modern workplace, business apps and Azure solutions. Necsia guides their clients throughout the best digital transformation journey thanks to a 360 degree approach, Devoteam said. Their expertise on M365 Managed Services will also reinforce Devoteam positioning and extend the geographical coverage in Spain.

Sebastien Chevrel, Devoteam’s Group Managing Director, Devoteam, commented. “The highly skilled professional teams of Alfun and Necsia will further augment our capability to deliver premium Microsoft services throughout EMEA. They will naturally integrate into Devoteam M Cloud, bringing valuable assets, expert skills and new customer segments.“