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The European Commission has approved Meta’s acquisition of Kustomer. The decision was based on a lengthy investigation into the impact of the buyout.

In late 2020, Meta (Facebook at the time) announced the acquisition of Kustomer. Meta hoped to acquire Kustomer for 1 billion dollars (828 million euros). The market authorities of several European member states objected. Among others, the ACM — a Dutch watchdog — feared that the acquisition could have a significant, negative effect on fair prices and competitors.

In mid-2021, the European Commission launched an official investigation into the impact of the acquisition. Now, the European Commission announces that the buyout may proceed as planned, under the condition that Meta cooperates with a regulator that will keep a close eye on Meta’s stance towards competitors.

Kustomer and Facebook

Kustomer’s CRM solution enables customer communication across multiple platforms from a single dashboard. Meta hopes to advance Facebook as a central platform for customer service and communications. The acquisition fits seamlessly with the strategy.