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End date for Unix systems and mainframe confirmed by Fujitsu

End date for Unix systems and mainframe confirmed by Fujitsu

Once Fujistu’s main squeezes, Unix and mainframe systems will be ditched by 2030, with support and services lasting till 2035.

Fujitsu’s new hybrid tech roadmap

Fujitsu – the Japanese worldwide tech giant – has affirmed the cessation of their famous Unix and mainframe server systems. By 2030, they will stop selling both systems and continue their support services until 2035.

The Japanese tech giant revealed the news on their site on 14th February. The published notice also outlined their future vision, providing customers with a durable and flexible digital infrastructure that offers value. 

Here are a few critical points of Fujitsu’s new hybrid tech roadmap (which can change without prior notice):

  • Will cease selling Unix by 2029 and mainframe by 2030
  • Support service for the mainframe will end by 2035; for Unix, it will conclude by 2034
  • In 2024, the tech giant plans to launch a new unit in GS21-mainframe
  • In 2026, they plan to enhance the Sparc-M12 Unix server
  • During the timeframe, they plan to shift both Unix and Mainframe serves to cloud under a new brand called Fujitsu Uvance, where they will offer access to various computing resources such as HPC, etc.

A nightmare for mainframe customers

Unlike Unix server customers who can transition workload more easily to Linux, Mainframe server customers don’t have a better, viable alternative.

As Philip Dawson, Gartner Research Vice President, said, “Linux has replaced Unix, basically. But that replacement isn’t there for mainframes. When the hardware goes, what do you do with the applications?”

For users of Fujitsu’s mainframe, the reality is a bit harsh: they have to migrate mainframe apps (workload) to somewhere else or rebuild apps on new, modern infrastructure from scratch.

The mainframe and Unix market

A chief analyst at Omdia, Roy Ilsley, said that the mainframe trade would represent 3.9% of the entire server revenues by 2025.

 “Customers will face a significant challenge as migrating from a mainframe is not a simple operation, so 2035 does give them time to plan and action any migrations,” Ilsley said.

Using different mainframes like IBM, etc., could be a choice for many users; however, it isn’t wise as the mainframe business overall is declining. 

On the contrary, the Unix server market looks better, with Power and Sparc systems anticipated to ship more than 30000 models by 2025. Like mainframe, it’s still declining; however, at a much slower rate. In contrast, Arm and X86 systems are growing.