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AWS introduces a new solution called AWS Mainframe Modernization. With this new solution, organisations can migrate their mainframe to the AWS cloud. The AWS Mainframe Modernization solution provides the tools needed to make mainframe workloads suitable for the cloud.

Mainframe workloads can’t just run on cloud hardware, they’re simply not designed for that. Most mainframe workloads still use the Cobalt programming language. This is also a huge problem for many companies because there are not many developers who can write Cobalt. AWS is now solving this with one of the tools included in this solution. AWS can convert the Mainframe Cobalt workloads to Java workloads so they can run on AWS EC2.

Eventually, AWS Mainframe Modernization will re-platform and refactor the mainframe workloads so they can be deployed on EC2. Companies no longer need to redevelop their entire mainframe into a new and modern platform. They can now take existing workloads to the cloud and say goodbye to this legacy infrastructure. It offers organisations the possibility to develop a new modern platform to replace their mainframe at their own pace, without having to keep the mainframe up and running. This can now run in the cloud.

By focusing on mainframes, AWS targets large enterprise organisations with a lot of legacy infrastructure. Many banks and insurance companies are still stuck to these kinds of mainframes with large and expensive licence and maintenance contracts. By offering an alternative for this, AWS can make a lot of revenue from sectors that are more or less stuck in their own legacy IT. They will be happy to pay for a way out of the even more expensive lock-in they are currently stuck in.

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