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Pega has launched the latest edition of its Pega Infinity version, with artificial intelligence, low-code innovation, and cloud architecture.

Pegasystems today released version 8.7 of its Pega Infinity software suite with low-code innovation, automation, practical artificial intelligence, and cloud architecture.

Pega Infinity 8.7 consists of a unified set of abilities to the Pega Customer Decision Hub, Pega Customer Service, and Pega Platform.

The following are some of the new AI-driven functionalities in Pega’s Customer Decision Hub:

  • Customer Viewer Profile allows users to dig deep into distinct customers’ biases, potential value, behaviors, suppressions, and omnichannel collaboration history to improve replies, predict forthcoming issues, and plan the next-best strategy performance
  • Online learning techniques that use adaptive grade boosting to assist users in seeing the influence of feature models on performance
  • Micro journeys for workflows in the financial services, communications, and industry-specific healthcare industries

Pega platform’s enhancement with future-proof architecture

Pega Platform has been enhanced with a modern architecture that includes low-code innovation and applied artificial intelligence:

  • Pega process artificial intelligence has improved efficiency by forecasting the cases that will be completed and learning from prior data to systematize work
  • Robot Studio has been updated to cut down on the time it takes to create bots and the time it takes to maintain them
  • Enhanced low-code allows developers to create user interfaces with built-in railings and set up a great user experience with modern architecture

Pega CPO’s stance on Infinity’s new updates

“The way we do business has changed. Today’s leaders know providing great customer experiences is no longer enough. Instead, they need to refocus their efforts to also include great employee experiences,” said Kerim Akgonul, the CPO of Pegasystems, in a recent statement.

“By implementing solutions that help create optimal total experience, organizations gain a tremendous advantage that not only creates better customer experiences, but also empowers employees to be productive and innovate faster. These new updates to Pega Infinity are helping organizations drive truly transformative outcomes for employees and customers alike.”

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