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Automation specialist ABBYY is opening an office in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The office is intended for Ukrainian employees seeking refuge in Lithuania.

“The opening achieves two objectives: to safely transfer Ukrainian employees to Lithuania and to strengthen our customer support”, shares Ulf Persson, CEO of ABBYY.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Last year, Ukraine exported roughly 6.1 billion euros in IT services. Various international organizations have locations and employees in Ukraine, including ABBYY, SAP, Revolut, Fiverr and Wix.com.

Shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Fiverr announced that the majority of its employees had moved to “safe locations in and outside of Ukraine“. Wix.com evacuated staff to Poland and Turkey. A Revolut spokesperson told us that the organization offers financial support to employees looking to relocate.

ABBYY process mining

ABBYY specializes in process automation and process mining. Process mining finds inefficiencies in work processes. Process automation eliminates inefficiencies.

In the 90s, the organization made a mark with optical character recognition (OCR), a technology that enables robots to understand and process paper documents. Presently, ABBYY combines OCR and process mining, removing the need to fully digitize texts prior to analysis.