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UiPath and airSlate are joining forces to help SMEs automate their workflows and business processes.

UiPath is an RPA specialist. AirSlate delivers a cloud-based no-code platform. The newly announced collaboration sets out to provide smaller companies with the same RPA capabilities that enterprises currently apply. This should allow SMEs to accelerate their digital transition by eliminating the many repetitive and manual business processes they currently execute.

Extensive process automation should improve employee satisfaction and service to end customers. Furthermore, the collaboration allows UiPath to expand its RPA services to a whole new market segment.

Integration of UiPath and airSlate

The collaboration consists of a recently launched integration of airSlate and the UiPath platform. This integration allows smaller companies to automate processes and workflows for documents.

The integration allows documents and forms to be generated using data supplied from UiPath and other systems. Documents can be automatically sent for approval and signing. Data can be collected and returned to the UiPath platform. and data to be collected and returned to the UiPath platform. The integration solution is now available via the UiPath Marketplace.

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