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Microsoft PowerToys now runs natively on Surface Pro X and Arm PCs

Microsoft PowerToys now runs natively on Surface Pro X and Arm PCs

The latest version of Microsoft PowerToys (0.59) allows it to run natively on Surface Pro X and other Windows Arm PCs.

Microsoft PowerToys is a suite of freeware tools and system utilities designed to improve the user experience on Windows. PowerToys has unique features that promote productivity and customization, including shortcut reassignments and screen regions.

Microsoft recently updated PowerToys to version 0.59. The program is now fully compatible with Windows on Arm PCs such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s and Surface Pro X.

Microsoft PowerToys

The developers rectified the PowerRename and File Explorer tool to run on ARM64. Full compatibility with ARM64 should lead to improved performance on Windows. Additionally, version 0.59 trades the PowerRename feature to operate on WinUI3. Furthermore, users are able to make use of up to four modifier keys as a shortcut from Keyboard Manager

The update has also improvised the Windows App SDK runtime to 1.1.9 by rectifying an issue where settings wouldn’t be accessible with UAC turned off. Finally, PowerToys is shipping the runtime binaries for Windows App SDK, intending to solve the installation difficulties reported by WinAppSDK. The changelog of the update is quite comprehensive and entails a complete list of improvements, bugs, and fixes.