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Corel is acquiring Awingu, a Belgian developer. Awingu’s software becomes a part of Parallels, one of Corel’s subsidiaries.

Awingu develops a virtual desktop solution. The software makes it possible to run applications and files in a browser. Linux, Windows, SaaS and web apps are supported. Files in on-premises and cloud environments are easily connected. Resultingly, employees gain access to a central workplace anytime, anywhere

Awingu is far from the only virtual desktop solution available. The company competes with Parallels, the developer of Remote Application Server (RAS). Like Awingu, RAS allows organizations to deliver apps and files to devices of choice. Hence, Awingu caught the attention of Corel, Parallel’s parent company. Corel is acquiring Awingu to strengthen Parallels RAS’ team and technology.

Awingu and Parallels RAS

Awingu was founded in Belgium. Its software is popular among national organizations like Proximus, Port of Antwerp and Telenet. The tool runs on Linux and connects to existing applications and storage drives, be it on-premises or in the cloud. Employees log in with two-step verification or single sign-on to access all of their apps and files via a browser.

In the short term, Awingu will continue to operate under its own name. Nothing changes for existing customers. We expect Corel to incorporate Awingu’s technology into Parallels RAS over time, but for the time being, Awingu remains available standalone. Awingu’s team, including CEO Walter van Uytven, will continue operations under Corel’s leadership.

Virtual desktops on the rise

The price of the acquisition is unknown. Corel was likely willing to pay a considerable sum. In the past ten years, Awingu expanded into 20 countries with the help of major partners such as Microsoft, Blackberry and Barracuda. The demand for virtual desktop solutions is on the rise. Organizations are working with an increasing number of applications and storage sources. It can be quite a challenge to securely offer on-premises and cloud resources to remote employees. Both Awingu and Parallels RAS tackle the challenge.