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Hewlett Packard Enterprise is customizing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and remote work packages for roles such as knowledge workers, engineers, and power users.

Under HPE GreenLake for virtual desktop infrastructure, an enterprise will get various cloud services that comprise technologies from NVidia, Citrix, Nutanix, and VMware with systems and management tools from HPE.

In April, HPE released a set of virtual desktop infrastructure tools and now is looking for partnerships and targeting by use cases and roles.

The process isn’t complicated

According to HPE, HPE GreenLake for virtual desktop infrastructure, customers can choose the type of workers to support and remote workforce size. With these two aspects known, HPE will then bundle a mix of relevant devices with services tailored for users.

The devices will then be shipped with support for quantities of a 100, 300, 500 and a 1000 remote workers. The customers will then pay based on usage.

The packages and roles

According to HPE:

  • Knowledge workers would get scalable VDI that rolls out to thousands of users. Low compute apps would be available for task workers.
  • Power users that require intricate office applications, multiple screens, and medium level graphics will have applications rolled out using HPE Nimble Storage dHCI hyper-converged systems or HPE ProLiant servers and Virtual PC and NVidia GPUs software.
  • Engineering workers would benefit more by getting more compute and graphics for data engineering and analysis with systems enhanced for latency. NVidia Virtual Workstation and NVidia GPUs software would be paired with HPE compute (hyper-converged systems or servers).

HPE said that these GreenLake Virtual Desktop Infrastructure will be available in December.

Tip: HPE Primera claims 100 percent availability of applications and data