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Proximus wants to connect 65,000 homes and businesses in West Flanders to fibre in the next two years. The operator expects 70 percent of Belgium to be connected by 2028.

From the end of 2022 onwards, 10 percent of all Belgian businesses and homes will be connected by Proximus each year. Today, the operator shared its plans for southern West Flanders. Proximus aims to connect 65,000 addresses over the next two years.


By the end of 2021, 813,000 Belgian addresses were connected, accounting for 14 percent of the country. Only 123,000 consumers actually used a fibre service.

“We’re building the best open gigabit network for Belgium”, said Proximus CTO Geert Standaert. “A huge investment, which is crucial for the growth of our economy and digital society as a whole.”

Public company

Proximus is a federal organization. Its fibre network will be available to all Belgian operators and providers, for the same price and under the same conditions.

Today, minister Petra de Sutter announced that the Belgian government is seeking more control over federal companies, including Proximus.

Proximus has a high degree of autonomy due to the Belgian ‘Law on the autonomy of federal companies’. Minister De Sutter wants to amend the law to appoint observers and gain insight into the workings of federal companies.

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