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Proximus is permitted to use ORES’ electricity poles to deploy optical fibre in Wallonia. According to the organizations, the agreement accelerates the deployment of Belgium’s fibre network.

Proximus is responsible for the deployment of optical fibre in Wallonia, a region in southern Belgium. Starting at the end of 2022, the organization will connect 10 percent of all Belgian businesses and homes per year. Proximus expects 70 percent of Belgium to be connected by 2028.

To achieve that goal, the organization collaborates with operators of existing infrastructure. ORES supplies electricity and gas to hundreds of municipalities in Wallonia. A new agreement with ORES allows Proximus to use ORES’ electricity poles for its network deployment.

Extension of previous collaboration

Proximus and ORES have been working together for many years. Since 2008, Proximus has been using ORES’ electricity poles to connect fibre to street cabinets. The new partnership allows for the direct connection of buildings, including offices and homes in sparsely populated areas.

According to Proximus, the resulting network will be available to all Belgian operators and providers for the same price and under the same conditions.