‘Proximus plays favourites with subsidiary Mobile Vikings’

‘Proximus plays favourites with subsidiary Mobile Vikings’

Belgian operator EDPnet accuses operator Proximus of charging subsidiary Mobile Vikings with lower wholesale prices than other users of its fibre-optic and VDSL network. EDPnet filed a complaint with Belgian telecom regulator BIPT.

Proximus is a state-owned operator. The organization owns most of Belgium’s fibre and VDSL network. The Belgian government expects Proximus to provide other operators with fair access to its network.

EDPnet uses Proximus’ network to deliver fibre and VDSL services. The prices that Proximus can charge for these services are set and regulated by Belgian telecom regulator BIPT. The prices are supposed to be profitable for operators, creating a fair and competitive market.

However, according to EDPnet, the 1Gbps subscription prices of Proximus subsidiary Mobile Vikings are far from profitable. The €53 cost includes many additional services, including installation, routing and activation.

EDPnet told local media that it’s impossible for Mobile Vikings to actually keep its costs so low. EDPnet itself offers a fast internet subscription for roughly €50. If EDPnet were to increase the speed to 1 Gbps, the price would have to increase by €10 to remain profitable.

Complaint to BIPT

The operator suspects that Proximus provides its subsidiary with more favourable wholesale conditions than competitors. Therefore, EDPnet filed a complaint with the Belgian telecom regulator BIPT. The operator says it isn’t looking for a fight, but a level playing field.

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