Proximus acquires Route Mobile for €721 million

Proximus acquires Route Mobile for €721 million

Proximus Group is acquiring India-based CPaaS provider Route Mobile for €721 million. With this, the Belgian telecom provider aims to expand its CPaaS and digital identity services offering.

According to Proximus Group, the now-announced acquisition enables it to further expand the scale of its existing CPaaS and digital identity (DI) services. To this end, the Belgian telecom and Internet provider has already acquired US-based Telesign, for example.

Among other things, the acquisition should ensure that the Proximus Group becomes one of the world leaders in CPaaS and DI services. In the area of CPaaS, the combined company would already become the number three in the world. The addition of Route Mobile to Telesign’s business would generate annual combined revenues of €90 million for these areas.

More specifically, for CPaaS, the Belgian telecom and Internet provider sees particular merit in adding the omnichannel capabilities that Route Mobile can offer. For the DI segment, the Proximus Group expects a lot from the so-called “Trusense” capabilities that the Indian provider can provide for this purpose.

International expansion

Proximus Group also sees opportunities with the acquisition to expand its CPaaS and DI activities even more internationally. Route Mobile is mainly active on the Indian subcontinent, in Africa, in Asia, the Pacific and in Latin America. This nicely complements Telesign’s activities in North America and Europe.

The acquisition should be completed by the end of this year.

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