Proximus grows on Belgian fibre market

Proximus grows on Belgian fibre market

Proximus is growing on the Belgian fibre optic market for consumers and businesses. About 14 percent of Belgian homes and businesses were connected to its network in the past quarter. This is made evident by newly released yearly figures.

Belgium telecom operator Proximus Group recorded a revenue of 5.6 billion euros in 2021. In the fourth quarter of last year, the revenue totalled 1.5 billion euros. Annual sales grew by 1.8 percent compared to 2020. Total profit came to 445 million euros, a yearly decrease of 23 percent.

Major fibre player

In its report, the Belgian telecoms group says it is a major player in the Belgian fibre market. About 14 percent of all Belgian homes and businesses — totalling 813,000 premises — are now connected to Proximus’ fibre network.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Proximus connected 126,000 buildings to fibre. According to the organization, this should become many more. Starting this year, ten percent of all Belgian homes and businesses will be connected to fibre each year. By 2025, the total should reach 2.4 million homes and businesses.


The figures also show that telephony and television services are doing well. Proximus has 1.72 million customers with a television subscription and 2 million customers with a telephone subscription.

The mobile branch of the telecom group gained 53,000 new subscribers to a total of 4.65 million — an increase of 9.1 percent compared to the year before.