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Google recently announced plans to combine its video calling software Duo with the functionality of Meet, an enterprise-grade videoconferencing product. The next stage of the merger is taking place today.

Google Duo is a high-quality video- and audioconferencing tool that supports group conversations of up to 32 participants. It supports HD video and end-to-end encryption and can be used to call people using their Google account or phone number.

Meet is the company’s conferencing app for businesses, including calendar integration and the ability to create and conduct meetings. The tool features several business features and subscriptions.

One logo has to go

To start the merger, certain elements have already been swapped between the two. The next step is ongoing. As a consequence, Duo will ultimately include all of Meet’s features and rise to become the new Meet app.

In the latest phase, Google is rolling out a Duo app upgrade for Android and iOS mobile customers in a phased release that will transform the Duo app icon to the Meet logo over the next several weeks. Users will be notified of changes to avoid confusion. Duo’s update to Meet will give users access to a unified platform for video calling and meetings.

Users retain access to everything and more

Customers can use the new Meet edition’s calling services for free, just as they could with Duo. They will still have access to their chat history, contacts, and messages. On the other hand, the availability of meeting capabilities would be contingent on Google Meet membership levels.

Duo was enhanced in July to feature video calling and meeting capabilities in preparation for today’s shift. Simultaneously, Google Meet launched an update that replaced its symbol and logo with a green Meet icon.