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Canonical launches Ubuntu 22.04.1

Canonical launches Ubuntu 22.04.1

Linux is constantly changing and improving. Canonical, the parent company behind Ubuntu Linux, publishes point upgrades around twice a year to give the most recent software, enhancements, and security updates. The latest update is now available.

Users can now download Ubuntu 22.04.1 and install the update to their devices. In contrast with Windows 10, where Microsoft’s new releases are substantial operating system upgrades in and of themselves, Ubuntu’s biannual updates are meant to maintain the look and feel of previous versions while adding enhancements.

Notable upgrades

The current version is called Jammy Jellyfish. The latest release includes all of Jellyfish’s bug fixes, program upgrades, performance changes, and security patches developed since April. This is far more convenient than individually downloading and installing three months’ worth of updates.

Enhancements and fixes include the addition of the Nvidia R515 graphics driver; Retbleed Spectre security countermeasures for aged Intel and AMD CPUs for Alder Lake systems; Intel AMX support; Intel IPU6 MIPI camera support; Dell XPS 13 9320 Alder Lake laptop support fixes and RISC-V board support.

The convenience of Linux

Unlike Windows, which has many versions for distinct feature sets (Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, and so on), Ubuntu 22.04 has all the features in one place.

If you require an application Ubuntu does not provide by default, you can download and install it from the Ubuntu Software Store. There’s no mess and no fuss. Ubuntu 22.04.x is a long-term support version and provides essential support for the next five years (April 2027).

Canonical also offers extended maintenance, including security updates, for ten years. Users can opt to run Ubuntu 22.04 until April 2032.

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