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This week’s Windows 11 beta preview updates the Task Manager in several ways.

Microsoft has given the green light to work on more Task Manager updates for Windows 11, some of which were visible in this week’s preview release for Windows Insiders in the beta channel.

The most noteworthy of these improvements is a new search bar for active processes, which allows you to quickly find the processes you’re looking for while ignoring the remainder.

Task Manager updates

The new Task Manager’s dark mode feature can now be switched on or off independently of the Windows theme setting. The themes are now incorporated into Task Manager.

If you often move individual processes in and out of Efficiency mode and would prefer not to be asked for permission every time, the switch for Efficiency mode now contains a “don’t ask me again” option.

It may or may not go public

At this time, there’s no way of knowing for sure whether the preview’s updates will make it to public Windows 11 builds.

Microsoft frequently uses the Windows Insider channels to A/B test different versions of a feature or to collect data on improvements that are still in the works and may disappear before they are formally launched.

However, the release of the updates in the beta channel suggests that they will be published as a small upgrade to Windows 11 22H2 in the coming months.

The more adventurous Windows 11 dev channel has moved on to a new major build number, hinting that it will eventually provide the groundwork for the Windows 11 23H2 release sometime next year.

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