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Microsoft is reportedly considering developing a mobile ‘super app’ to offer a wide range of services in a single mobile environment.

The Information reported the news based on anonymous sources. The super app is expected to feature online shopping, messaging, a search engine and news.

Microsoft reportedly wants a larger share of the mobile search market, which is currently dominated by Google and Apple. In addition, the tech giant is likely looking for ways to boost its advertising revenue. A mobile project could bring more attention to search engine Bing.

Microsoft did not respond to the rumours, but it’s known that CEO Satya Nadella wants more integration between Bing and services such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook. There’s no confirmation of the super app actually being in the works.

Super apps in Asia

So-called super apps are prevalent in Asia, where companies like Tencent, WeChat and Grab integrate various mobile services into single mobile apps. These apps are used for social media, messaging, payment services and online shopping, among other things. Elon Musk is also said to have his sights set on developing a super app based on Twitter.

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