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Google postpones Manifest V2 phaseout

Google postpones Manifest V2 phaseout

The phaseout of Google’s Manifest V2 Chrome extension framework has been delayed. The framework was supposed to be discontinued in 2023.

The tech giant announced the phaseout of Manifest V2 in 2021. Manifest V2 is a framework for capabilities and permissions that introduced more stringent rules for user data security in Chrome extensions.

Google wants to phase out Manifest V2 to make way for an updated Manifest V3. However, the tech giant seems to have run into some unexpected issues.

Manifest V3 delayed

After “monitoring comments from the developer community”, Google identified “common challenges posed by the migration”. The tech giant said it’s “committed to providing developers solutions to migration challenges with new functionality, bug fixes, and adequate time for adoption”.

Chrome developers are facing obstacles migrating to Manifest V3, as the framework lacks support for some of the features required by their Manifest V2-based extensions.

As it stands, Google is re-evaluating “all downstream milestones”, including the June 2023 plan to start testing the deprecation in Google Stable and the January 2024 deadline to remove all Manifest V2 extensions from the Web Store.