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‘Microsoft integrates ChatGPT into Word and Outlook’

‘Microsoft integrates ChatGPT into Word and Outlook’

Microsoft is reportedly integrating ChatGPT into Word and Outlook. Insiders report the integrations will enable AI-based email writing and sentence completion.

ChatGPT has the world’s attention. OpenAI recently made the tool generally available. Users can generate texts and code based on intuitive prompts.

ChatGPT is free at present, but investors regard the technology as a cash cow. According to insiders, OpenAI recently told potential partners that the company expects revenue of $1 billion (about €930 million) by 2024.

OpenAI reportedly wants to generate that figure by implementing ChatGPT in paid services, including the software of partners. One of the biggest backers is Microsoft. The tech giant funded OpenAI with $1 billion in 2019.

Microsoft is rumoured to be developing a Bing-like search engine based on ChatGPT. Moreover, insiders recently told The Information that the tech giant is integrating ChatGPT into Word and Outlook.

ChatGPT in Outlook and Word

As an example, one of the sources cited an Outlook feature that allows users to compose emails based on short prompts such as ‘inform my colleagues that I am sick’. In Word, ChatGPT can reportedly complete words and sentences.

One source claims that Microsoft employees have already presented the integrations to CEO Satya Nadella. The Information stressed that it’s unknown if and when the tech giant will launch the integrations.

DALL-E in PowerPoint

In addition to integrations in Outlook and Word, Microsoft is reportedly working on a PowerPoint feature based on DALL-E, another popular tool from OpenAI. DALL-E allows users to generate images with textual prompts.

Shutterstock plans to integrate the tool into a paid service. Unlike Microsoft, the organization has confirmed the plan. The service is expected to let customers crank out AI-generated images based on Shutterstock photos.