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Visma took its first steps into the German market with the acquisitions of software companies H&H and BuchhaltungsButler.

Visma is the parent company of more than 170 organizations in Europe and South America. The group specializes in business software, including ERP solutions for accounting, payroll and HRM.

Last year, the organization expanded into France with the acquisition of Inqom. The next chapter is Germany. Visma entered the national market with the acquisitions of software companies H&H and BuchhaltungsButler.

H&H and BuchhaltungsButler

H&H supplies software to several German municipalities. Its main product is an ERP solution for accounting, billing, tax collection and more. BuchhaltungsButler develops software-as-a-service (SaaS) for financial management among small businesses. Automating bookkeeping is key.

The financial details of the acquisitions were not disclosed. Visma is expanding at a rapid pace. The organization acquired 42 companies in 2022. Most subsidiaries retain their brand and management, including H&H and BuchhaltungsButler. The organizations are part of Visma on paper, but independence is expected in practice.

“Many companies already have a nice strong brand”, Visma Area Director Benelux John Reynders told our Dutch colleagues at Techzine.nl in a 2022 interview. “There are situations where Visma companies decide to do business together, but nothing is imposed from the top.”

Visma’s acquisition strategy

Laws and tax regulations differ by country. Hence, financial software products are typically region-specific. It makes sense for Visma to leave acquired companies intact. Their managers and employees are familiar with the demands of the local market.

“We value hyperlocalization”, Reynders said. “We take a different approach from global players who want to roll out their products across hundreds of countries and can do a little bit of everything.”

The group has high hopes for Germany. “New legislation, such as the Onlinezugangsgesetz, requires increasing digitization of public administration and services”, Visma wrote in a statement.

“Germany’s transition to the cloud is gaining momentum as more and more small and medium-sized enterprises discover the benefits of cloud-based ERP systems to automate manual and time-consuming processes.”

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