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Visma’s turnover totalled €2.06 billion in 2022, up 19 percent from 2021. The firm cited its fast-paced acquisition strategy as the driving force behind growth.

42 companies were acquired in Visma’s target markets of Europe and Latin America. By the end of the year, the total transaction value came close to €1 billion.

12 companies were acquired in the fourth quarter alone, including Scandinavian SaaS providers House of Control and Flex Applications, as well as four companies from the Benelux: P8 Software, Datapas, OutSmart and Beeple.

The quarter also saw Visma’s first steps into the German market with the acquisition of financial software providers Buchhaltungsbutler and H&H.

New year, same strategy

Visma intends to nurture its acquisition strategy in 2023. CEO Merete Hverven indicated that the company is maintaining the pace of investments in product development and market expansion with an eye on further growth.

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