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SAP to acquire Emarsys to enhance its customer experience operation

SAP to acquire Emarsys to enhance its customer experience operation

Emarsys’ platform, which helps companies give their customers personalized interactions across e-mail, SMS, the web, mobile and social media, will be acquired by SAP. The software giant said they want to buy Emarsys, a cloud-marketing platform and customer engagement technology company.

Emarsys’ operations will be integrated into and made part of SAP’s Customer Experience business unit built on the Qualtrics platform. Qualtrics was acquired by SAP in 2018, for $8 billion. The financial terms of this deal with Emarsys were not revealed.

Innovating to enhance enterprise

In SAP’s cloud strategy, Qualtrics plays a big part because it works to fuse customer data with operational data. Emarsys is now in the mix, and according to the Chief Executive at SAP, Christian Klein, the company will be able to deliver a strategy for commerce anywhere.

By hyper personalizing the digital commerce experience on all channels any time, integrating the front-office with the back-office and customer feedback will be easy.

Klein said that Emarsys’ customer engagement platform would bring to the SAP S/4HANA and Experience Management technology, and Qualtrics will open up new and unique possibilities for the customer.

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Growth ambitions

SAP is expecting that the deal will be final by the fiscal fourth quarter of 2020. The software giant is taking massive strides to bring its cloud growth to the next level. Meanwhile, SAP and Qualtrics continue working on merging experience and operational data.

They hope they can improve the four core experiences of enterprises. Qualtrics also rolled out contact tracing tools for Covid-19 and was confident that self-reporting anonymously would yield results. They also added new listening, automation, and data integrations to CoreXM.

As for the new acquisition, time will tell if it pans out for SAP and accelerates innovation at the Qualtrics division.

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