Google to build largest Belgian data center

Google to build largest Belgian data center

Google appears to be investing 600 million euro in the construction of a data centre in the Belgian city of Saint-Ghislain. It is set out to become the largest data centre the company has built the country.

With this data centre, Google will have invested a total of around 2 billion euros in Belgium, De Tijd writes. Sources of the Belgian paper report the arrival of the data centre, but Google itself has declined to respond to the news.

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Saint-Ghislain was the city where Google opened its first European data centre eleven years ago. In the following years, the tech giant has steadily expanded the number of data centres in the city. The new data centre is set to be the fifth.

In Saint-Ghislain, Google owns a data centre park of about 90 hectares in size, which it makes heavy use of. Google has owned the land since 2005. The company uses water from the nearby river to cool the servers.

Server parks in Europe

In addition to Belgium, Google also has European server parks in the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark and Finland. It claims to invest heavily in green energy and efficiency. Worldwide, there are 21 locations with Google data centers.

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