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Kasten by Veeam launches free curriculum for Kubernetes training

Kasten by Veeam launches free curriculum for Kubernetes training

Veeam introduces the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series during KubeCon. The free learning program, developed in part by the team at Kasten by Veeam, is available for any novice or advanced Kubernetes professional looking to improve their Kubernetes skillset.

The Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series consists of blogs, videos and three hands-on exercises. Creating a Kubernetes cluster is covered, as well as the development and scaling of associated applications. The final lesson focuses on backing up Kubernetes applications.

According to Adam Fisher, Technical Solutions Architect at World Wide Technology and an associate of the project, a focus on data management, backups and storage sets Kasten by Veeam’s Kubernetes training apart from its alternatives.

In-depth follow-up

At the time of writing, the curriculum consists of one of several planned modules. A Veeam spokesperson states that the program will soon be expanded to include more in-depth classes. Michael Cade (Senior Global Technologist at Veaam) and other prominent Kubernetes professionals promise to play leading roles in the program’s development.

Kasten by Veeam

Kasten by Veeam initiated the development of the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series. Its software allows users to backup and restore Kubernetes apps. Applications and dependencies are recognized automatically. Subsequent disaster recovery can be managed via a dashboard, Kubernetes APIs and REST APIs.

The first version of Kasten was launched in 2017 by developers Vaibhav Kamra and Niraj Tolia. Veeam acquired the company in October 2020 and continues to develop the software under the name ‘Kasten by Veeam’.