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Microsoft has added the planning app for teachers Classwork to Teams for Education. This should make it easier for teachers to create, organize, manage and distribute their teaching materials to students via Teams.

According to Microsoft, the now-released planning app Classwork is an application that allows teachers within Teams for Education to create and organize their teaching materials in a single place.

This includes planning and composing homework, creating and managing OneNote Class Notebook pages, providing Internet links, files and Teams channels for students.

Greater efficiency

The tech giant says that this should make teachers’ jobs more efficient, as it eliminates the need for them to switch and navigate between different apps and platforms for these tasks. All scheduling, composing and managing content for students, with Classwork, can now take place within Teams for Education from a single location.

More features in scheduling

The functionality of the new app for Teams for Education will continue to be expanded in the coming months. One of the first updates is going to make it possible to reuse old modules for lessons or trimesters. In this way, teachers will also be able to more easily refine and update their teaching materials each year again, Microsoft said.

Classwork for Teams for Education is available immediately.

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