Zoom says to make document drafting better with AI

Zoom says to make document drafting better with AI

Zoom is adding new AI features to its platform. Completely new is Zoom Docs, a document drafting platform that easily integrates content from the communications platform. Furthermore, the previously proposed AI Companion will now be available on Zoom Whiteboard.

Although Zoom AI Companion was presented barely a month ago, the company also had to keep new features in reserve for Zoomtopia 2023. During the first day of the event, it introduces Zoom Docs, which will be available in 2024.

This is again an improvement for employees who will get an overarching, AI-based application. As the name suggests, the application serves for document preparation, but together with AI, Zoom Docs should be more efficient. With it, retyping content becomes unnecessary, and tables as well as content from Zoom and third-party applications, can be easily pulled into the document.

Zoom AI Companion expansion

Zoom already gave its paying users a limited introduction to the generative AI assistant Zoom AI Companion. The assistant will eventually be woven into all parts of the communication platform. Currently, it is already expanding slightly further into Zoom Whiteboard. It is also seeking new audiences by making features for generating summaries from Meeting and Team Chat available to Zoom users from higher education and healthcare.

Zoom AI Companion relies on a large language model (LLM) that Zoom developed in-house. To this are added proven models such as Meta Llama 2, and the models from OpenAI and Anthropic. This basically gives the tools to better tailor the AI product to the needs of Zoom users.

A full overview of what Zoom AI Companion is and what features Zoom users can still look forward to can be found here: Zoom introduces generative AI assistant based on proprietary LLM

Setting up flexible collaboration

Finally, Zoom is making minor updates to its platform. For example, Workvivo will integrate into the desktop application in the coming weeks. This employee engagement platform on which executives can communicate business updates with their employees has been part of Zoom since this year.

Then, starting next year, Workspace Reservation will be able to map out the route to an empty desk, and there will be a feature to notify employees you regularly work with about a Huddle. For those not on board with Zoom terms, this is a place where employees who are in the office can work together on their own assignments with colleagues who work remotely. Finally, new features are becoming available in Zoom Scheduler, allowing the booking page for a meeting to be set in the company’s corporate identity, and the personal and work calendars will be merged so that a meeting cannot overlap with any other appointment.

Customer Support

In addition to setting up the communication platform for online meetings, Zoom also has customer service features. These features expand with AI Expert Assist, which lets artificial intelligence support employees with real-time insights. The features will be available by the end of the year and will be expanded early next year with cost-saving insights for managers.

Additionally, in the coming months, Zoom Virtual Agent and Zoom Contact Center will become available in the Meta applications WhatsApp and Messenger, as many customer support conversations are made through these platforms.