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Facebook Workplace is going to increase its prices from 2 September for the first time since its launch. Also, the way in which it charges its services is changed, as are the services themselves, writes TechCrunch.

So far, there have been two versions of Workplace. A basic version was completely free, and there was a premium version that cost $3 per active user, per month. So that’s gonna change now.

The basic subscription is called Workplace Essential from September and remains free. The premium variant will be called Workplace Advanced and will cost 4 dollars per person, per month. There will also be a completely new subscription: Workplace Enterprise, which costs 8 dollars per person, per month. Enterprise is launching a new set of services that focus on guaranteed and faster support, and initial access to new features.

The prices also apply to all users, regardless of whether they are active that month or not. In addition, the prices are specific to people who use Workplace as general knowledge workers. They are identified as such because they have e-mail addresses and specific functions. Frontline workers – such as checkout staff or baristas who walk around all day to help customers – come separately for $1.50 per person, per month.

Reaction to customers

The changes come amidst developments in other tools and platforms aimed at collaboration and communication. For example, Slack went public, and Microsoft’s teams now have more users than Slack. Teams also positions itself as a competitor of Workplace, as a tool for knowledge and frontline employees.

Vice President Julien Codorniou of Workplace states, however, that the price changes are not a response to competition, but a response to customers. It turns out that most companies prefer the predictability of paying the same amount per month, rather than paying each month on the basis of usage.

The new prices do not mean that it is no longer possible to adjust how much is paid. If necessary, companies can adjust the prices every month.

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