Slack introduces major redesign with latest update

Slack introduces major redesign with latest update

The announcement of a significant redesign of Slack came some time ago, the actual release of the update dit now follow yet. Today however, the service will start rolling out with additional features.

With the latest version of Slack, the developers hope that the workflow will be clearer and smoother, as users will be able to organise certain conversations in separate folders. In addition, navigating available chat channels should also be easier than before, allowing larger organisations to benefit more from the solution that competes with Microsoft Teams.

A number of the new features are particularly useful for larger organisations: organising conversations and chat channels in folders would prevent an accumulation of chats. In addition, the admin of a channel can also add extensions for Slack from other parties to specific sections.

Third-party extensions

Third-party extensions for Slack can now be viewed more easily (and searched for), along with a more extensive menu for shortcuts to find people, conversations or keywords. On top of that, a compose menu has been added, in which a message can be written and only then needs to be assigned to a channel or person.

In the coming weeks, more apps for Slack will be made accessible via shortcuts, in order to speed up the collaboration work process even more.