IFS releases merged reality solution for field staff

IFS releases merged reality solution for field staff

IFS, provider of enterprise ERP solutions, as well as asset management and service management solutions, launches a merged reality (MR) solution Remote Assistance. It enables remote field staff to work in real time with product experts to efficiently perform repairs or maintenance.

The now released solution for MR enables maintenance engineers or other field staff to share real time events remotely with experts in the back office. As a result, repairs and maintenance work can then be carried out with immediate visual instructions.

In addition, the solution allows companies to think better about how to use their knowledge and capacity outside the door. In this way, they increase efficiency, effectiveness and, of course, productivity. In addition, the solution helps to achieve a ‘first time fix’ and, therefore, complies with set SLAs.

Collaboration software

In concrete terms, IFS Remote Assistance is a kind of collaboration software. The software solution combines two video streams on mobile devices in an interactive environment. As a result, maintenance personnel on site with advanced video overlays are in direct contact with the specialists in the back office. These specialists can then immediately show the necessary actions on the screen.

Other functionality

In addition, it is possible to share documents, e.g. manuals, record conversations and provide them with keywords or other metadata. Screenshots, conversations, ‘telestration’, or the direct creation of drawings on moving and still images and satisfaction surveys are also possible with the newly released IFS solution.

Short implementation time

Other key benefits of IFS Remote Assistance include a short implementation time of up to six days. In addition, the solution is claimed to be very intuitive, so that employees can get started with the solution after a very short training period and, as previously mentioned, a large gain in efficiency.