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IFS Cloud 22R2 is now available. The cloud platform’s update offers a range of new tools, including features for cost management, field service and secondment.

IFS develops enterprise software. The organization provides solutions for most business fields, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM) and enterprise service management (ESM).

IFS made its offerings available in a cloud platform in 2021. Its solutions have been fully integrated ever since. Using the organization’s ERP system inherently means that all data is available to the HCM system — and vice versa. The same goes for every other solution in the offering.

IFS regularly updates its solutions with new features. Since the introduction of the cloud platform, updates are launched in a joint release. The latest version of IFS Cloud (22R2) is now available. IFS unveiled the release at IFS Unleashed, a recent conference.

HR and cost management

IFS Cloud 22R2 offers a range of new tools. In addition to updates for individual solutions, IFS developed a feature for every organization that uses the cloud platform. IFS Cloud 22R2 includes a new analysis model for cost management. Users can create budgets for projects and businesses. The model predicts unexpected costs to avoid risks.

In addition, IFS Cloud 22R2 offers a new feature for the HCM solution. HR managers can now set a limit for employee absences per country. As a result, international organizations can view the absence of employees worldwide in a single dashboard.


Users of the enterprise asset management (EAM) solution have access to a new secondment feature. A single employee can now be registered in the records of multiple companies. As a result, HR staff don’t have to delete or copy personnel data when seconding employees.

Furthermore, IFS Cloud 22R2 includes an update for the ESM solution. Dispatchers can more easily reach technicians to communicate schedule changes. In addition, IFS claims that scheduling issues can be detected and resolved faster.

Tip: IFS Cloud is completely new, yet familiar