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IFS updates its IFS Cloud platform tools for sustainability goals, data visualization, customizing user experience and various departmental and industry-specific needs.

In this article, we will cover some of IFS Cloud‘s most noteworthy additions.

Sustainability, analytics and UX

The new IFS Cloud Sustainability Hub focuses on measuring and displaying the sustainability of a customers’ organization. Customers should be able to collect sustainability data for demonstrating their compliance in this area. Furthermore, it allows them to test their sustainability performance against various standards.

Additionally, new Advanced Analytics functionality improves data visualization through modular analysis models. According to IFS, end users can more easily visualize data in detailed graphical representations, enabling a broader range of professionals to understand pertinent information.

Furthermore, IFS Cloud offers an updated user experience. IFS states that companies can quickly apply their prefered look and feel, aiming to service a broader range of end users within an organization.

Departmental and industry-specific updates

IFS Cloud now provides out-of-the-box functionalities for HRM departments. Said functionalities are intended for processes such as recruitment, onboarding and the personal development of employees.

Additionally, the update offers more functionality for the manufacturing industry. Various new APIs are available for the connection of industrial machines and the IFS Cloud. According to IFS, doing so can provide companies with real-time visibility and cloud management of their supply chain and production processes. The latter is illustrated by the introduction of Intelligent Asset Monitoring and Maintenance, a ML tool for predicting maintenance activities.

Furthermore, Update Studio now allows companies to analyze the impact of IFS Cloud updates on their current IFS Cloud configurations and customizations.

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