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A promotion from IFS allows new customers to get a free one-year license for service management solution IFS assyst. Organizations that purchase a three-year license before November 2023 receive the first year free of charge.

IFS announced the promotion during IFS Unleashed, a recent conference. New users of IFS assyst are eligible for a free one-year license.

The promotion has a number of conditions. First, a customer is required to purchase a three-year license. The first year is free, but the normal rate applies for the remaining period. Second, the customer must have at least 1,000 employees. Smaller organizations are excluded.

Third, the customer must be new. Organizations already working with IFS assyst are ineligible. Finally, the customer must purchase a license by November 2023. The promotion expires in the same period. Hosting is not included. Customers are responsible for operational costs.

IFS assyst

IFS assyst combines enterprise service management (ESM), IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM). The solution is built on the technology of Axios Assyst, a company acquired by IFS in 2021. IFS assyst monitors, automates and optimizes the components of a service.

Service providers use the solution to structure operations. Among other things, IFS assyst can break down services into parts to track progress and find room for improvement. In addition, customer inquiries can be received and processed in a central system.

IFS regularly updates the solution. IFS Cloud 22R2, the latest version of the organization’s cloud platform, includes several new features for IFS assyst.

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