‘IT companies adjust priorities because of coronavirus’

‘IT companies adjust priorities because of coronavirus’

IT companies have changed their priorities as a result of the coronavirus, according to a recent study by Telstra.

The study shows that companies are speeding up IT initiatives, embracing video conferencing more often and increasing network capacity to meet the demand for remote working.

Nearly all companies questioned (93 percent) indicate that their IT priorities have changed dramatically as a result of the coronavirus. The top priority of the respondents is to establish new policies for working from home, including more secure access to corporate data and required applications.

Digital Communication

Due to the corona crisis, video conferencing is now crucial for companies. Of the respondents, 98 percent believe that even after the pandemic is over, video calls will more often replace physical calls.

Companies are also trying to maintain or even improve the customer experience, despite the transition to remote working. Nearly half of businesses say they have a cloud-first contact center strategy to improve end-to-end customer contact capabilities.

In addition, network stability has become increasingly important. Of the companies surveyed, 80 percent said they have employees who are unable to work due to IT issues within the company.

Business continuity plan

Another problem revealed by the pandemic is that only one in ten companies have an appropriate business continuity plan. According to Telstra, companies should “drastically broaden the scope of the business continuity plan, but also rely more on data tools to discover the hidden relationships between datasets, identify more vulnerabilities and consider ways to generate a risk score on a more formal and regular basis”.