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Today Logitech announces the long-awaited successor to the MeetUp. After seven years, the MeetUp 2 is a big step forward (and in some ways backward as far as we’re concerned) from its predecessor. How big that step is, you’ll read in this article.

The original MeetUp was a hit for Logitech. Surely we can say that when we hear that more than a million of them have now been sold. Apparently sales have also continued over the past few years, because Logitech waited no less than seven years before introducing the MeetUp 2. That isn’t that strange though, because the Logitech MeetUp was an excellent device, as we already concluded in our 2017 review. You can read that review back at your leisure via this link, should you find it interesting. However, it was getting a bit long in the tooth after so many years. That’s why Logitech launches the updated version today.

Logitech MeetUp 2 looks pretty standard

Externally, the Logitech MeetUp 2 is a completely different beast from the first MeetUp. That one had quite a bold design. Perhaps it was a little too daring, even though the sales figures were certainly not disappointing. Could it have been too eye-catching for customers after all? In any case, the MeetUp 2 looks like a fairly standard videoconferencing bar/device. That’s a bit of a shame as far as we’re concerned, but Logitech must have had a good reason for it. It’s a lot more unobtrusive in any case. Perhaps that is also what Logitech wanted when developing the MeetUp 2.

Een zwarte rechthoekige camera voor videoconferenties met een centrale lens en luidsprekerrooster, met in het midden een bedrijfslogo.

Good to see and read is that Logitech chose to use a lot of recycled plastic in the MeetUp 2. The plastic components of the device consist of 62 percent recycled plastic. According to the company, this is the highest percentage in the market, looking at similar products. Especially because of the increasing emphasis on Scope 3 emissions from companies, this is interesting for corporate buyers. After all, you indirectly reduce these here as well.

Een zwarte rechthoekige luidspreker met een centrale ronde camera staat op een houten oppervlak met daaronder een grijze structuurmat.

…but is definitely a big update from the MeetUp

Fortunately, the MeetUp 2 is more than just a slightly less sparkly design and more recycled material. Logitech has also put in the necessary AI/ML, both in terms of audio and video. The quality of the audio recorded by the MeetUp 2 via the microphones is better anyway, as the MeetUp 2 uses six microphones instead of three. However, this audio also receives a RightSound 2 treatment. This should allow voices to be picked up much more clearly, unwanted sounds to be filtered out and echoes to be suppressed. The optionally available additional microphones that were available for the MeetUp also seem to be a thing of the past with this.

Vijf mensen in een vergaderruimte nemen deel aan een videogesprek, waarbij zes mensen op een groot scherm worden weergegeven. Er wordt een tablet voor hen op tafel gelegd.

In addition to RightSound 2, there is also – you may have guessed it – RightSight 2. Its main feature is that the Logitech MeetUp 2 frames participants. Every participant is portrayed in the same way. This should help ensure equality during meetings. Interestingly, people walking by who are visible through a window are recognized as passersby. This means that they are not captured in a frame.

The addition of the algorithms that are in RightSight 2 may also partially explain the new design. In the original MeetUp, you could pan and tilt the lens as a whole to get everyone in focus. That’s no longer necessary now. By the way, we are still dealing with a 4K lens. In seven years, however, quite a bit of progress has been made in this area. Logitech therefore promises that this new lens is many times better than the old one.

Een presentatiedia met de titel "Functiesamenvatting: MeetUp 2" geeft een overzicht van de technische specificaties en kenmerken van een vergaderapparaat. Een aan de muur gemonteerd scherm geeft de tijd "09:36 uur" weer en een bericht met de tekst "Klaar om te beginnen".

Multiple usage scenarios

Logitech envisions multiple scenarios for the MeetUp 2. Obviously, it is still a videoconferencing device aimed at huddle rooms, or small meeting rooms with about 4-6 participants. You can connect the MeetUp 2 to a PC permanently located in the room. However, it is also possible to connect a laptop via a single Type-C cable (including charging).

Another new feature of the Logitech MeetUp 2 is the ability to show other things on the connected display when it is not being used for meetings. For example, you can show a QR code for the Wi-Fi network for guests, or explain step-by-step how to start a meeting. But it is also possible to show some additional branding for your own company on it. To use this feature, however, you must be using Logitech Sync (Logitech’s management environment) or Appspace. There will also be support for Zoom and Teams.

Een modern kantoor met een groot scherm waarop een presentatie met de titel 'Onze boodschap' wordt weergegeven, een laptop op tafel en apparatuur voor videoconferenties.

Price and availability of the Logitech MeetUp 2

The Logitech MeetUp 2 will have a suggested retail price of 999 euros. That’s relatively low. That is, it is a lower suggested retail price than that of the first MeetUp. That one had a suggested retail price of 1099 euros. The Logitech MeetUp 2 will go on sale starting August 2024.

Logitech is adding an Essential service level in addition to the free Basic service level and the Select service level ($399 per month). This level costs $199 per month. Below you can see what you get within the different levels. What we think is an interesting final detail of the MeetUp 2 is that you can seamlessly fit it into an existing MeetUp setup. The base and mounting bracket of the old MeetUp are also compatible with the new one.

Een vergelijkingsoverzicht van roomserviceplannen: Basic ($0), Essential ($199) en Select ($399). Elk plan omvat verschillende beheer-, ondersteunings- en vervangingsdiensten.

As soon as we receive a review sample, we will of course get to work with the Logitech MeetUp 2 in detail and publish a review.