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Microsoft is replacing the React Native version of Skype with an Electron version. The company is also releasing further updates for Skype for Windows 10.

Microsoft has introduced a new update for Skype. With the latest update, the company is attempting to provide a unified experience for users on Windows 10 and other desktops. The React Native version of Skype will be replaced by an Electron version with several new features. React Native is mainly used to create mobile applications for iOS and Android, while Electron focuses more on the development of desktop GUI applications by combining the Chromium engine and the Node.js runtime.

“As of June 2020, Skype for Windows 10 and Skype for Desktop will become one, so we can offer a consistent experience. This will allow us to release the latest updates and enhancements no matter where you use Skype,” Microsoft said.

This does not mean that Microsoft will only release a single Skype app from now on. Users can still download the Skype client from the Microsoft Store app and the desktop app from Skype.com.

New Features

Microsoft has updated the other versions of Skype to version 8.61 and Skype for Windows 10 is updated from version 14 to 15. This new version also includes several new features, such as:

  • Renewed options to shut down Skype and ensure that Skype does not start up automatically.
  • Nine videos in a video call.
  • Improved Tray icon, informing you about new messages and presence status.
  • The ability to share files to Skype directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Background replacement.
  • Moderated chats.
  • Meet Now improvements.
  • Improved call controls.

Microsoft also stopped supporting several features in version 14, including integration with Share Charm and synchronization with Outlook contacts. Skype’s support page indicates that these features are “not yet supported” on Skype for Windows 10.

Skype is automatically updated to the latest version for users regardless of which platform they are using the service on.