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Microsoft Teams is expanded with the option to customize the left sidebar on the pc and web version. It means that you can place apps of your choice in it. Specific features for iOS and Android are also added to the Teams mobile apps.

All your apps can now be pinned to the left bar. You do this by right-clicking your app and choosing ‘Pin’. To remove it from the bar you can do exactly the same again: right-click but then ‘Unpin’. You can change the position of the apps with a drag and drop system in that left bar. This bar is only available on the web and desktop version of the app.

Microsoft Teams

However, more new features have been introduced for Teams. The apps on iOS and Android have been updated. This allows you to see more videos during your calls and meetings, you can better search within apps and channels and there are new security options. There are still some differences between iOS and Android:

For iOS you see 2×4 videos in your call on an iPhone and 3×3 on an iPad. There is also a setting that allows you to adjust the data usage during videos. It is possible to choose a primary number which is called when people have more than one phone number. There is a single sign-on for bots and tools and there is a daily calendar view of upcoming meetings that you can share with others.


On Android you can now organize free meetings trough a link, without the need for a Teams account. You can now also directly upload an image in your gallery. The security options are also improved, you can now manage your safe key or you can choose Microsoft to do that for you.

Of course, the update also comes with the necessary bug fixes and improvements in the performance of the apps.

Tip: Microsoft Teams worthless for companies with multiple clients