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Atlassian has released a new version of Confluence. The company has added some new features to improve the readability of contributions on the platform.

The new features in Confluence are outlined on Atlassian’s website. To better serve employees in different time zones, Atlassian has added the ability to schedule blog posts. This allows you to prevent your blog post from coming online at a time when employees in other time zones are still in bed.

Easier formatting and sharing of blogposts

The options for formatting the content itself have also been improved. Atlassian wants to make the texts on Confluence less boring and black and white. Therefore, the company added the possibility to interrupt the texts with images or emoji.

Videos and other extras also contribute to the attractiveness of a text. The latest version of Confluence can, therefore, better handle links from other tools. The writer of a blog post only has to insert a YouTube link in his article, and Confluence will make sure it is embedded properly. In the same way, Trello links, for example, will also be displayed optimally.

Finally, Atlassian has made it easier to turn texts on a Confluence page into a blog post. This allows users to share their content with a wider audience with a press of a button. According to Atlassian, this results in 59 percent more interaction from readers.

Confluence keeps growing

Atlassian released Confluence about 15 years ago with the goal of creating a database in which employees could share their ideas. Over the years, Atlassian has added more and more features to it and it has evolved into a collaboration platform, with integration with other Atlassian products.

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