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Sentia Denmark and Penta Infra announced a partnership at the beginning of this week. The deal gives Penta Infra control of Sentia’s Danish datacenter in Smedland, Glostrup. The acquisition will help Sentia continue to fund its cloud services offerings and give Penta Infra the foothold it needs in the Danish market.

Sentia Denmark is known for offering advisory and managed services that can transform, control and optimize apps and cloud environments. Sentia operates its own Sentia Cloud and is a premium partner of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

The decision to move on

Jakob Høholdt, the Managing Director of Sentia Denmark, looks forward to the cooperation with Penta Infra. He says that operating a datacenter is not the company’s core business, which is why it is divesting this line of business and starting a partnership with Penta Infra, who are more suited to run it.

By selling the datacenter, he continued, the company will free up resources to focus on what it does best. The aim of the company at this moment is to create a good customer experience and ensure that the most optimal solutions are provided to users.

Penta Infra’s next step

The acquisition is one of the steps Penta Infra is taking to solidify its presence in the Nordic counties. Alex Bakker, a partner, and founder at Penta Infra explained the importance of the deal saying that his company is excited to team up with Sentia to service Danish clients.

By starting a partnership like this, Sentia and Penta are combining their strengths and expertise in related fields to provide a high-quality experience, which is the result of each company focusing on what it does best.

Sentia and Penta Infra both expressed their interest, enthusiasm, and willingness to commit to a long-term partnership.