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Workspace tools are used by over 3 billion people worldwide, which is why Google is updating the platform, allowing anyone who has a Google account to use all the tools offered.

Google has just announced that they will be updating the Workspace, which is their proprietary collaboration and productivity platform. In addition, they are also adding a Workspace subscription option making its products more accessible for business owners.

What’s included?

Workspace Individual is designed to aid people who own small businesses, such as landscapers, photographers, or accountants, using the accessible version of Gmail to converse with clients.

The new subscription will allow them to preserve their already existing Google account while providing them with the collaboration and communication tools Google claims are great for growing a business. The tools include custom email marketing, professional video meetings, and smart online booking services.

Javier Soltero from Google told reporters: “One thing that has been missing in our commercial offering is the ability to serve the needs of small customers… many of which are using our consumer products.”

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Where will Workspace Individual be released?

By the end of the month, Workspace Individual will be available in six markets, including Canada, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and the US.

Google has been making efforts to expand its productivity suite and make it more comprehensive, so they came up with Workspace Individual. Most workspaces are merging their professional and personal environments and tools in what is known as hybrid work, so Google is following the trend.

Workspace updates

The Workspace suite itself, including the traditional tools such as Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Meet, Sheets, and Docs, can now be used for personal, educational, and commercial use. All the tools will be available for use.

G Suite has been rebranded as Workspace, and there are over 3 billion users on the platform. To create a more valuable and integrated experience, Google has created Spaces, formerly known as rooms within the Google Chat app.