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Google inked a partnership with Ericsson to develop new joint offerings that will be used by enterprises to utilize fast 5G network connections in technology projects. Telecommunications providers all over the world are upgrading networks to the 5G standard, which promises connections up to 100 times faster than before.

These fast connections will allow enterprises to perform tasks that were previously impractical due to speeds not being fast enough.

For instance, manufacturers can quickly upload sensor data from equipment to the cloud to be analyzed and alert technicians when they have potential malfunctions in real-time.

Applying 5G to enterprises

Google is building products that will be used by enterprises to apply 5G to operations with minimal work. As part of the strategy, the search giant has partnered with many telecommunications providers and tech firms all over the world to help bring 5G products to more enterprises.

This new partnership with Ericsson, which is a big player in the 5G market, is a significant milestone in that effort to get more into telecoms.

The Swedish company is a major supplier of networking equipment used by the telecommunications sector. It also makes other products, software, and hardware for 5G networks.

Google’s effort to get into telecommunications

Google shared some details about the efforts as the Mobile World Congress began its second day in Barcelona. The joint offerings will be built with the help of D15 Labs, a research and development center run by Ericsson that has on-premises 5G networks that can be used to test new tech.

The companies say that they have already completed the functional onboarding with the Swedish company, concerning Ericsson 5G on Anthos, to power telco edge and on-premises use cases.

The digital transformation is going to affect and disrupt businesses all over, and having 5G will give any organization the edge needed to work faster and better.