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Eurofiber will expand its portfolio to offer private mobile networks for the first time. At MWC 2024 in Barcelona, it announced that it is partnering with Nokia for the new solution. The emphasis of the new Mobile Private Network (MPN) service is on security and reliability.

Private 5G, referred to by Eurofiber as MPN, offers companies a private network on their own protected frequency. With it, large industrial facilities and campuses can guarantee that a connection is available at all times, both wired and wireless. Eurofiber speaks of “mission- and/or -business-critical environments,” where examples can be named from various industries. For example, so-called “connected devices” within a car factory can be monitored and maintained on time, preventing downtime. Similarly, patients’ health in a hospital can be tracked via Private 5G so medical specialists can take preventive action whenever signs point to a concerning development.

In short, there are more than enough clients for Eurofiber’s new service. The company is building on its existing fiber-opti network and partnering with Nokia to expand its operations. However, other parties besides Nokia may come to the table to realize the MPN service, as Eurofiber points out the importance of wide-ranging partnerships to serve customers.

Nokia and Eurofiber are no strangers to each other: they are already working together to expand the fiber-optic network that Eurofiber operates in France and Belgium, for example.

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More flexibility

Paul Naastepad, Managing Director at Eurofiber Netherlands, emphasizes that such collaborations are essential for success. “Accordingly, I am delighted to have Nokia partnering with us for MPN as well. This enables us to offer a significant extension of our fiber and cloud connectivity for business customers handling operations-critical traffic. MPN offers an additional option for even more flexibility and security in transporting data within the company, along with seamless connectivity to the outside world or into the cloud.”

VP at Nokia Enterprise Campus Edge Solutions Stephan Litjens endorses the importance of robust private networks for enterprises. “We are extremely excited to embark on this journey with Eurofiber and look forward to helping them as they continue to simplify the complexity in current private 5G network systems.”

The new service will be available in mid-2024.

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